ZUIKI is an Italian clothing brand, owned by Ennepi Spa, born from the creative initiative of the Nunziata brothers. Originally from Campania, the company's history begins in Naples in 2003 with the opening of the first single-brand store in the heart of the city.

ZUIKI, always interpreter of a young, dynamic and absolutely pop style, is characterized by the great versatility and variety of its proposals.

The mission that has always guided the company is to guarantee trendy collections, with quality that can be found over time, at affordable prices, with a marked Made in Italy imprint.

An ambitious business project that has met with great success over the years, positioning ZUIKI among the top Italian brands in the fast fashion retail sector.


With about 500 employees, the company records a turnover of 100 million euros (2014), an increase of 28% compared to 78 in 2013. To date, 146 ZUIKI stores are present on the national territory, including direct , in franchising, outlet and dedicated exclusively to the MAN collection.

Among the success factors is the innovative formula that offers a constantly evolving product at a very competitive price and continuous collection flashes made to strengthen the bond of trust that the customer establishes with the store, always finding new items available.


In line with the most interesting trends in young fashion, the ZUIKI fashion brand with a cosmopolitan and dynamic style, specializing in low cost fashion and accessories, offers a wide range of modern and avant-garde creations.

Since its debut on the market, ZUIKI has always been characterized by the great versatility and variety of its proposals aimed at satisfying the tastes and needs of a wide audience from 20 years to over 45 . A pop brand, interpreter of a young and dynamic style, with proposals of garments and accessories, with a marked made in Italy imprint, with a view to friendly price .

Today the company produces three main lines: ZUIKI, Curvy and Man


For ZUIKI, communication represents a strategic lever on which to focus to promote and strengthen the corporate image linked to the concepts of originality, positivity, freshness. Impact campaigns in the main national women's and fashion magazines and investments in outdoor ensure the brand continuous visibility and dissemination throughout Italy of the ZUIKI brand identity.

Together with traditional media, ZUIKI is open to the new frontiers of the web. The site is always updated with the latest collections and the social networks are spaces for the brand in which ZUIKI "meets" and talks to current and potential customers every day through images clean and impactful. ZUIKI is present on Facebook, with the page "ZUIKI ITALIA", on Instagram, Youtube and finally Pinterest.

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